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Major in the Book of [Obadiah]

An example of a major in the book of [Obadiah]

I know that sounds like a funny and unimportant major in this world, but think about it, we humans are created to worship God and nothing else.  Everything else fails.  Terrorists get a hold of certain realms of knowledge and use it against humanity.  Anyone living in this century knows this to be true.

So what is the solution????

A degree in the book of __________

Year One:
Teaching [Obadiah] to children 5 and under. 4 credits
Writing from [Obadiah]. 4 Credits
Study of [Obadiah] in the modern world.  4 Credits
Cultural Origination of [Obadiah]. 4 Credits

Year Two:
Correlation of [Obadiah] to [Proverbs] in Logical Algorithm. 4 Credits
Applying [Obadiah] to Variant Writings. 4 Credits
[Obadiah] use in Natural One Spouse Marriage. 4 Credits
Observational [Obadiah] aspects to creation study . 4 Credits

Year Three:
Mathematical Application and Studies of [Obadiah]. 4 Credits
Ethical applications of [Obadiah]. 4 Credits
Native and Tribal studies of [Obadiah]. 4 Credits
Dictionary and Library Science with [Obadiah]. 4 Credits

Year Four:
Application of [Obadiah] to modern/current technology. 4 Credits
Memorization and Performance of [Obadiah]. 4 Credits
Sustainable life and community with principles from [Obadiah] 4 Credits
Language and Alternate and Origins of [Obadiah] 4 Credits

Additional Studies Can include the following (four per year are selected):
Producing book of [Obadiah] to art. 3 Credits
Producing book of [Obadiah] to Multimedia. 3 Credits
Interrelation of book of [Obadiah] to Music. 3 Credits
Study and Practice in Sports to book of [Obadiah]. 4 Credits
Celestial and Microorganism Study of Book of [Obadiah]. 4 Credits
Creative Writing with book of [Obadiah] 4 credits
Engaging [Obadiah] to household management. 4 Credits
Application of multigenerational church to book of [Obadiah] 4 Credits
Study of word and Communication arrangements and effects by book of [Obadiah] 4 Credits
Teaching book of [Obadiah] to age 6-12. 4 Credits
Training teenager, the new Christian and the faulty Christian in the book of [Obadiah] 4 Credits
Creating Learning Games in book of [Obadiah] 4 Credits
Investigation of Medicine and Ethical Principals according to the book of [Obadiah] 4 Credits

A Typical 4 Credit Class would consist of:
25 pages per day of reading material in relation to the topic
10 point quizes each week
Memorization tests of 100 words each week
2 Exams
1-5 page paper per week
20 page final paper
Publish one book each year according to four of the variant subjects
Character improvement checklist per each subject studied

Other Subject Matters that may be perfected according to the book of [Obadiah]
-Science Subjects
-Social Applications and Readings including general Statistical Survey
-Psychology Applications and Readings
-Creative Literature
-Sport and Physical
-Language Arts
-Life and Wild Life Skills
-Maternity and Death Subjects
-Healthcare Subjects
-Language Studies in repetition conversation and translation of scripture
-Martyrs and Sufferings of yesterday and Today
-Women and speaking kindly in home and towards male authority
-Unhindered Living

-Serving Actively in good standing within the community or current living arrangements
-Live with parents while under study and apprenticeship
-Have taken a full conservative biblical study resource
-Understand biblical calendar, Fibonacci formula and such in relation to creation study as well as arrangement of passover and musical applications in relation to nature
-PRactice positive biblical reading pattern on regular basis.
-Provide a daily journal and reflection from scripture
-Signed arrangement to not Sell the "super-knowledge" of God's word but rather to work in a simple job.  Inother words making a big profit off of knowledge of God's truth.
-Basic Accumulation of Knowledge to succeed in ACT, SAT and such knowledge tests.

-Completely independent study
-Submit Syllabus for daily work
-Submit daily assignments and quizes
-All work is returned each month to help write book each year.
-Other Subject Matter Syllabus Submitted
-Daily assignments for "other" study also submitted and worked to perfection.

There is another resource out there that also assists parents and others interested in a fuller study of biblical knowledge, it is 

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