Friday, October 30, 2015

Educational Tracts

Hand out home-made or purchased tracts, make a creative toy, rock or decoration and add a LINK BACK to your blog and meet people to help young children understand how to meet and understand the behavior differences in strangers. How kindness is a wonderful way to lead people to the truth.

You were given a tract for a special reason.  You are a special person and can do GREAT things.

'Psalms 20:1
(1)  To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David. The LORD hear thee in the day of trouble; the name of the God of Jacob defend thee;

*Read and study daily: Christ's words in red for FREE spiritual growth (no need to pay a pastor or be a church member).
*Meditate on five psalms and one proverb a day (complete each month). Gain psychological, sociological healing and strength.
*Write down names of people close to you who need prayer to overcome: drugs, alcohol, anger, bitterness, lust, lying, sexual impurity, infidelity, gambling, greed, pride, boasting, depression, anxiety, willfully hiding practices from spouse or close family members, selfish desires, not rely on Holy Spirit.
* Find a local 'choose life,'  1 godly man as head of household and godly woman/women as helpmete marriage, hymn singing, simple gospel and living church group (Bible Baptist church, PDC, WI; Mennonite Church, Hawkeye, IA; Apostolic Christian, Elgin, IA; Seventh-Day-Adventist, Hawkeye, IA; Trinity Lutheran, Calmar, IA; Assemblies of God, Decorah, IA; Lifehouse Church, Decorah, IA for examples in NE Iowa)
or if needed for knowledge and information visit messianic resources as well for online examples.

*Put away evil images, songs, books and such that do not lead to righteous living.

Resources and examples which this blog writer may or may not support all ideas presented by each ministry:,,,,, KRJE-FM 89.9,,,,,,, www.eliyah.com

** If you are persecuted by family, former friends or others of your religion and social upbringing, you NEED to leave your area and not speak to any from that area for three or more years.**

If you would like to gain educational strengths in real world situations, you too may adjust this printout to suit your local area.....and strengths.

Specifically for Islamic people with no faith based reasoning:

For immediate counseling and needs in areas from gambling addictions, to alcohol addictions, sexual impurity problems , family and marriage problems, mental health and more visit or  for assistance and advice to overcome such issues.  Most importantly ask Christ to become a part of your life!

Listen to Christian Music for you and your home: Music Link.  turn to 89.9 FM on your radio to listen to 'Radio for Jesus'. !!!!


Ideas to help enhance bible study.  101 different ways:

Ways to build understanding of biblical holidays and themes through calendar study (assists with creation studies):

A basic bible study guide:


Learn Bible information and reflection in own language (NON-ENGLISH LINK): Through The Bible - Bible Study in own Language

BIBLE STORY for NON-ENGLISH or NO ENGLISH speakers: Good and Evil

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