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Bible Activity for 0-7 years old

You will not need a "children's" bible to help your child grow to love God's word.  Although, it may be fine for a child to read from time to time.  In fact a child as young as 4 or 5 can be taught to read directly from the KJV if proper discipline is established.

Each day an activity may accompany the bible reading to help the child grow.

Math (do 3 choices plus additional worksheets from program of your choice):
1. As a number shows up in bible reading, count number of blocks, objects, records with big numbers etc.
2. As a number shows up in bible reading, show addition, subtraction, multiplication division symbols and formula up to that number.  Not for child to solve only exposure to math symbols.
3. As number up to 20 shows up, do a Montessori style puzzle related to reading. Number bars etc.
4. Show the number on a number line as it shows up.
5. Draw up to 20 [lambs/ other animal] and have child count.  Ask addition, subtraction questions.
6. Do 10 fast addition and subtraction problems up to 20 as the number shows up in bible reading.
7. Practice handling money in regards to book of proverbs.  What would a wise person do with 5 pennies etc.
8. Count up to 20 objects in nature or in house as [leaf, tree etc] word shows up in bible reading.
9. Create or do a worksheet for the number that shows up in bible reading.
10.Do a clapping/jumping/singing, addition, subtraction activity as number shows up in bible reading.
11. Shapes, 3-D objects, blocks in relation to bible passage.

1. Color a picture of [animal] that shows up in bible reading.
2. Look up information about [natural object, (cloud, mountain, star etc)] as shows up in bible reading
3. Draw or trace a picture of [animal, plant, herb, fruit etc] as shows up in bible reading.
4. When appropriate, investigate "why" a portion of biblical law asks certain restrictions.
5. Color a picture of [nature plant, animal] that shows up in bible reading.
6. Do a fizz bubble goo experiment and describe natural object [yeast, water, fire ect]
7. Identify anatomy of [plant, animal, water molocule] etc as shows up in bible reading
8. Make a cut out craft of [natural object, snowflake,
9. Do a pour, drop, touch activity with [fruit, herb, plant animal etc] that shows up in bible reading
10. Additional activity (cooking, doctoring, planting seeds etc) that shows up in bible reading
11. Listen/ Taste/Smell to [bird, wind etc] when read in bible passage.
12. Taste [herb, fruit etc] when read in bible passage

Language Arts (select 3 per day):
For child age 4 or older, start writing in order ABC's and phonics cursive, one a day.
1. Investigate individual letter from bible reading.  Find letter in bible passage.  Focus one letter/week.
2. Help write a four sentence story using words from bible passage.
3. Write a poem using words from bible passage.
4. Listen to a Nursery Rhyme using words from bible passage.
5. Write stationary using words from bible passage.
6. Investigate words in bible passage that start with the letter/week. Read additional words from dictionary.
7. Play a word reading game using words from bible passage.
8. Do a McGuffy reader baby read style reading of one verse.  Separate phonics, words and then read verse.
9. Hand write or try to spell a word or verse.
10. Read a picture reading of a bible story.  Picture in place of complex words.

Literature (select 4 if doing basic or five if want to follow heart of wisdom activity also):
(have child repeat back story and answer three questions to ensure learned story)
1. Draw a picture while reading the bible story.
2. Put on a play or puppet show while reading the bible story using props around house.  May video record.
3. Color a picture of bible story being read.
4. Do activity with clay, models, paper cuts, cardboard etc. that follows bible story.
5. Let child pretend he or she is given profession in bible passage (doctor, king, queen, farmer etc)
6. Have child repeat back 20 key words as read bible passage.  Hold "ear" if say ear...etc.
7. Do heart of wisdom project with bible passage.
8. Do a basic paper or art craft with bible passage being read.
9. Draw a 10 page mini book using words from bible passage.
10. Have child draw or trace key elements in bible passage.

Biography (Do a biography on one key bible character (bc) a year and one key historical person (hp)):
10 sentences of reading per week about historical person is recommended at this age
1. Identify how bc or hp had given character traits from bible passage.
2. Draw an activity of bc or hp based from bible passage.
3. Show a map of where bc or hp traveled and identify behaviors based on bible passage.
4. Identify lifestyle of bc or hp based on bible passage.
5. Make a poster of bc or hp based on bible passage.
6. Do a literature activity with bc or hp based on bible passage.
7. Let child pretend to be bc or hp based on bible passage.
8. Eat what hp or bc may have eaten based on bible passage.
9. Show on a time line map era when bc of hp lived.
10. Write an additional story about bc or hp based on bible passage.

History/Social Studies (Do one bible history event, bible place study, world history and geography per week):
1. Identify on map or timeline.
2. Show 5 Montessori style events and pictures of place/history based on bible passage.
3. Make a time/geography travel pack or brochure based on bible passage.
4. Write a prayer against/for hist event, geography based on bible passage
5. When come upon a biblical place, hist event in bible reading show on map and timeline.
6. Color picture of people in geographic place vs how they live today compared to bible passage.
7. Write what you like about bible hist event, bible place, world hist or geography compared to bible passge
8. Trace pict of object from hist time, geographical place compared to bible passage
9. ID historical and/or geographical object from bible passage or history
10. MAke flip book of his event, geography based on bible passage...

Foreign Language (one basic spoken and others investigate):
1. Read bible passage in Foreign language of choice and in other languages.
2. Select one word from passage like [dove].  Find a picture of [dove] and identify objects in picture in chosen foreign language and in other language.
3. Identify room objects in bible passage.  Find those same room objects in chosen lang and other language.
4. Sing, write and look at alphabet of chosen foreign lang, Hebrew, greek and other language.  ID Alphabet in bible passage.
5. Write one word from bible passage in foreign language and other languages.
6. Do 5 + sign language based on foreign language, other language, English etc.in bible passage.
7. Listen to [farmer, cow, neck, ear] nursery rhyme song in foreign language of choice and other language
8. Identify cultural things from foreign language and other language in bible passage.
9. Speak a verse in foreign language and other language.
10. ID 20 words in foreign language and other language from bible passage.

Choose one a week.  Do drawing, color wheel exercises as well.
1. Choose one word from bible passage and practice draw or paint the word artistically
2. Draw or paint a [dove] or other plant animal or object from the passage. Try drawing in different styles and with different material (crayon, color pencil, marker etc.).
3. Make a potato print of object plant animal identified
4. Do a shadow silhouette cut out of your family and add bible verse to describe, or bible story as well
5. When see a [tree] find the object in real life and draw it.
6. Do a sewing or craft project with words or verses from selected bible portion
7. Do a paper weaving or other pop art image activity.  Add bible verses and selected words to picture.
8. Make a collage, practice gluing parts and pieces to make a bible story or verse.
9. Make a 3-D object with clay paper mache or other material.  (clay pot, mobile, vase etc) Add bible verse.
10. Make a recycled material art object.  Add bible verse or story.
11. Other material to try of your choice....try weaving a rug when bible story says [rug] or wooden blocks when bible story says [wood]

PE Act:
Select one per week. Do 10 jumping jacks, 10 pushups and run 2 minutes
1. Play a game with chalk and boarder lines.  Add words from the bible as you desire [dragon, unicorn etc]
2. Run outside, if cold go on a winter walk.  Identify trees, animals etc.
3. Do indoor video, stretches exercise.
4. Play games with hula hoops, bubbles, streamers etc.
5. Play games with big balls (beach ball, basket ball etc) and with small balls (ping pong, marbles etc)
6. Play a game with targets, horseshoes, or other goals
7. Ride bike or other pedal, push cart, winter ski, skate, sled
8. Climb tree, climb rocks, swim, crawl under small cave or other explorer type activity.
9. Jump on bed or trampoline for 15 or more minutes
10. Manual labor of some sort.  Carrying buckets, raking leaves, Scrubbing car really hard etc.

Life Skill:
(select one per week and add separate topical discussions as needed)
1. Tie shoes, buckle, lace practice.
2. Clean hands, teeth brushing and body hygiene.
3. Manners and Etiquette Techniques
4. Strangers and other human threats
5. Fire, snow, outdoor, bike and other safety
6. Basic survival and ancient livng skills
7. ID of poisonous objects or human habits (alcohol, cigarettes, sexual activity etc)
8. Talking on phone, computer and other communication.  Learn address etc.
9.Pouring, cutting, chores, pulling out drawers and other Montessori Skills
10. How to treat siblings etc.  Based on bible story for the day.

(select one a week and compare to bible story or verses.  Each session do a warm up)
1. Listen to music from specific classical composer
2. Nursery Rhyme, bible themed kids Songs
3. Hymns
4. Write some music
5. Practice playing piano music
6. Compare natural animal sounds or behaviors to sounds of orchestra songs
7. Sing accapella song
8. Try to play a song by ear
9. Observe and become familiar with different musical instruments, composers or musical eras montesorri style
10.Play various drums, bells whistles etc.  Home made instruments etc.

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