Thursday, January 3, 2013

Schedule Example and what to do.

Use the in- the- lap plan.    Copy and paste to a word document.  Go through the random number generators and fill in the in the numbers as you would like.  Add links if you would like.

Print out a copy for your records and to help you keep on top of the schedule cross off things as you go along.  In a typical home, things are not so structured on what happens in a day, but it is good for efficiency to keep up with a written time schedule.  A schedule give you freedom.

Feel free to use online-stop-watch to set time goals and meet them.  Keep in mind that the usual school-bell system is NOT natural to human life and should only be used if all force-filled nature is removed from the leader. 30 minutes set on timer is usually a good time frame to meet goals.

Mon: 6:00 Awake Make breakfast/ Get Dressed
     6:30 *read first meditation verses, sing hymns* Clean up
     7:00 *Read 1 chapter psalms* All do Language Arts Activity
     8:00 *Read Proverbs* All do Mathematics activity
     9:00 *read meditation verses 2nd Time* Chore Activity
     9:30 *Read 2, 3 Chapter psalms* All do Reading Practice
     10:00 *Read Law Portion* Do Biography Activity
     10:30 Start Prep Lunch
     11:00 Out Door Time
     11:30 *read meditation verses 3rd time, 4 chapter psalms* Lunch
     12:00 Clean up/ Rest Young ones
     12:30 *Read Old Testament Reading* All do literature Activity
     2:00 Errands or further chores
     2:30 *Read words of Christ* All do science Activity
     3:00 *Read New Testament Reading* All do Foreign Language Activity
     3:30 *sing hymns, weekly memorization verse, 5 chapter psalms* Practice Music, Out door Time
     4:00 Exercise Activity, Community Activity
     5:00 Supper Prep
     6:00 *read meditation verses 4th time* Supper
     7:00 Entertainment, Free time, Creativity, Begin Getting Ready for Bed, Prayer for lost and community
     9:00 *read meditation verses 5th time* Older Get Ready for Bed
     10:00 Lights Out

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