Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to educate when you have a minimal, crowded or no-wall space

If you are like me, I do not like to make a home look like a school.  I like to have either plain walls, inspirational or beautiful pictures on the walls of my home.  I do not even like to put a lot of images of my own children on the walls of my home.....as this could build up idolatry of some sort.  What about natural homes like wigwams and log cabins.  These special homes are simply walls to keep the natural elements outside while the interior is for love and inspiration.

When you have no wall space, the inside of your kitchen cupboards are perfect bulletin boards!  The interior of the linen closet door is a perfect location for a time line.  A simple book case can hold all that a child needs to learn for the fundamentals of his or her life(nature-health-music-history-math etc), beside frequent visits to the library. A bible fulfills many of the needed educational material.  It is a reader, a speller, a story time benefit, ideas prompter and more.

So yes you CAN enjoy home education by simplifying and putting neccesary information on the interior of the heart of your home and child.

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