Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to create a spelling list for 8 years on up....Simple to use KJV bible....

It is simple to create spelling lists from a KJV bible.  Many of the complex words that your child will encounter in life will be spelled out clearly in a KJV bible.

1. Find all the three letter words in one chapter of the bible.  Example: Exodus 10.
2. Find all the four letter words in the same chapter of the bible....up to five letter words.
3. Decide to place three three-letter words in a word list, four four-letter words and five five-letter words in a word list.  Total of twelve words.
4. Add three additional challenge words.
5. Write the word lists in a note book and use the word list with you regular bible study patterns.  Keep track of your child's success in spelling these words.
6. A child eight years old and above can be 'graded' on his spelling skills.  Each letter correctly placed gets one point.  Each letter misplaced or missing etc. looses one point.

7. To advance your child's spelling skills, you may move up to four, five and six letter words..... with there being six six-letter words.  This would make a list of fifteen.  Add three additional large challenging words for extra credit points.
8. When the child begins to show strength in spelling, have him write entire verses out by hand.  Mark correct and incorrect spelling technique.
9. When the child is sufficient in reading, have him or her define all words in a spelling list and in a bible verse.  Build his own dictionary with this method.
10. Be sure to eventually have the child spell the hebrew biblical months of the year, the books of the bible, ...perhaps a list of animals and plants too....names???

You may also encourage the use of other languages.  Native American languages are non-written languages.  Try hebrew writing and translation.  This will help you as a teacher learn the challenges the bible writers faced when seeking to be led by the words of scripture verses and truth found in christ our redeemer.

Keep a series of lists and keep careful records!

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