Friday, March 25, 2016

200-Day-Biblical-Classical Curriculum For SALE on Amazon!

Are you interested in home education?  Or maybe interested in enhancing your child's education experience?

Have you no time to set up an effective day-by-day lesson plan that will help you become an effective teacher for your children?  Some times it can take up to a MONTH of day to day work to set up an effective plan for only ONE STUDENT!

Are you interested in teaching from classical materials?

Would you like to spend more time cleaning house, visiting friends, doing crafts and simply going fishing?

Maybe you are wondering how you may incorporate biblical faith materials into a lesson plan.

This curriculum plan may be for you!

*Effective learning for those who would like to remain 'disconnected' from the internet.  Simply down load all information from the links that are needed and either print or open up files to review information.

*No need to buy many textbooks that will only be reviewed once and forgotten about when real careers begin.

*Very easy to use.  You do not need a teaching certificate to understand how the psychology of these learning methods helps your child grasp materials presented.

*Feel the freedom to be creative and rearrange the lesson plans that make life and education work for your family.

*Perhaps you do not want to download materials, simply click on links as you need them.

*NO VIDEO education.  NO LOUD  BEEBOP music to distract your child away from content and peaceful lifestyles.  Your child will NOT have to spend time in front of a screen to learn, except for basic typing lessons.

If this is of interest to '200 day biblical-classical curriculum' on amazon.  More updated curriculum will become available through the years.

Currently curriculum is available for those aged about 4-11 years old.

For those who are interested in ideas for high-school or post-secondary education from a FREE and FRUGAL perspective CLICK HERE

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