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Create a cost-effective liberal arts college degree

Liberal Art's college degree's are effective for the  godly man or woman.  However, the cost for them is increasing to the point where the 'faith' principle proposed by them, is not going to match the effectiveness.  Instead of helping the one pursue the education, the student will come out of college, with a poor moral standing and/or a heavy burden of debt.  There is a way to eliminate this problem and still be effective in our world.  Seven things must be eliminated to prove that the student is gaining true spiritual wisdom and will be effective in our world.

These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

1. The proud look.  The student must not come out of their education assuming they can proudly conquer other's with their knowledge.
2. The lying tongue.  The student must come out of the education understanding what parts and pieces of 'man's wisdom' were in fact lies, and what parts and pieces were in fact truth.
3. Hands that shed innocent blood.  The student must come out of the education, dedicated to keeping all heartbeats alive and active, from the faintest to the famous, from one's own to one's own enemy.
4. Heart that deviseth wicked imaginations.  The student must despise the use of 'creative work' to promote wicked behaviours in other human beings.  Work promoted must be holy.
5. Feet that be swift in running to mischief.  The student must decide effectively to walk patiently and softly, humming hymns of praise for the life given him or her, rather than shouting angrily at various neighbors for their unbelief.
6. A false witness that speaketh lies.  The student must never give evil any ground for rule in the hearts of many.  He must judge people according to good deeds, not according to traditions and emotional reasoning. Scorn must not be a part of the student's life, believing that people are designed a certain way, when in fact they are not.
7. He that soweth discord among brethren.  The student must be effective in standing for the innocent.  He must know if discord was created because of jealousy, pride or some other emotion, rather than giving over to the business of control in others lives.

To ensure the best education, start with creating a possible college course catalog.  This gives a full outline of the possibilities in such an education.

The student will receive a degree in a book of the bible.  For this example, the major would be in the book of [Obadiah].  Each listed topic will have a textbook, activity or bible portion to enhance the education in the class.  Questions, Essays, Tests and more will be created by the teacher leader, so that effective understanding of each topic is outlined.


Introduction to Accounting: Terms, Practice, Moral Immoral Behaviors,  Examples, Money Principles in Bible, Effectiveness of principles from [Obadiah]

Fundamentals of Accounting: Business Terms, Inventories, Assets, Practice Problems 

Accounting For Decision Making: 

Directed Study: 

Intermediate Accounting:

Frugality Management:

Wealth Management:

Accounting for Government, Church or Non-Profit:

Manager Accounting:

Accessing Quality Accounting:


***Minority Studies***

African People

Asian People

Native-Indigenous People

Latino People

Middle Eastern People 

Jewish People

Self-sustainable, Isolated Community European and Serbia People

Unique Literature and Historical Stories of ** People

Unique Language and Celebrations of ** People

Natural Living of ** People

Struggles in Modern World of ** People

Woman Victories and Sufferings of ** People

Slavery causes and Effects of ** People

Cultural Anthropology

Biological Anthropology

Household Management Anthropology



***Biology Nature***




***Computer Science***





***Environmental Studies and Frugal Living***

***Language Specific (French, Spanish, Native American...)***



***Classical Languages***







***Political Science***



***Science and Astronomy***

***Sociology and Work***

***Theater, Voice and Drama***

***Women, Womanhood vs. Feminism, Midwifery and Widowhood***

***Fill in other topics you desire to study in your Liberal Arts education

The second step is to Create titles for possible classes.  Be sure to include titles that will reflect your desired college major as being in a book of the bible.   For example a neutral subject is 'accounting'.....but include title of class as ''accounting according to the book of proverbs' or another title would be 'Comparison of woman's liberation to the book of Esther'.....

Once class titles possibilities are assigned, make sure there are enough four credit classes to accommodate a college major that is titled by a book of the bible.  If your major is in the book of 'Obadiah' then be sure to include at least two possible four credit classes that would be taken by a student each semester.  Possibility would be 'comparison of Obadiah to proverbs and ancient philosophical accounts' or 'Obadiah in musical accounts and themes'......

After titles of classes are created for possible college major, the student designs a possible four year plan.

Each semester, the independent student designs syllabus and information that will be gathered to accomplish completion of a class.  Include activities such as on-line classes, researching projects, books, musical works, assistance used from local professors and people in workplace environments.  Be sure to include days where the student consistently meditates on bible passages related to the class and college major.  Tests, quizzes, written reports and so forth should include testing for knowledge of students ability to recall bible verses and themes.

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