Friday, April 29, 2016

Chapters for Independent Bible College guide. Not yet completed

Chapters for independent bible college

  1. Introduction
  2. Possible outline of studies
  3. Creating one Class
  4. Study Bible five times a day
  5. Incorporating liberal arts (language, music, nature and more)
  6. Creating tests, quizes, paper topics and more.
  7. Can I use 'free' classes from the internet?
  8. Why should I include domestic, self sustainable and home-life class?
  9. How may I safely include a 'travel abroad' class?
  10. Paying for an actual college class.
  11. Meeting goals and deadlines without distraction
  12. Working while completing studies
  13. How do I know my learning is effective and helps overcome bondages?
  14. What about using internet preachers and televangelists as teachers?
  15. Ensure one class shows knowledge of overall bible stories and topics
  16. What about shelter?
  17. What about nutrition?
  18. What about extracurriculars?
  19. How can an 'independent' student use a professor or professional to check success in studies
  20. Senior Paper
  21. Certificates, Diplomas and Ceremony
  22. Set-up a 'mini college'
  23. Conclusion

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