Sunday, May 1, 2016

Order of Family Bible Lesson Participation

How to incorporate INTERESTING bible study time with children?

Make sure it is challenging enough for older elementary students, yet good at introducing young children to songs, bible stories and memory verse.

Schedule a list of things to accomplish for each bible Lesson participation.

-Prayer Requests (ask each child and write down their kind even if they pray for accepting)
-Prayer (please kneel, bow heads, close eyes)
-Church memory verse - if you participate in an organized church add this here.
-Church Activity - if the church you attend has the child do an activity, add this here.
-'Our little friend' - read an article from a preschool magazine (focus on preschool children)
-'Primary Treasure' try or any magazine - read an article from early elementary school magazine (focus on early elementary)
-Song - sing one weekly song together
-Review words of song.  Have elementary and above students review words of song.
-Memory Verse home - memorize a memory verse based on home bible studies
-Bible Portion- Read aloud bible portion (no more than 10 minute under age 8) Elementary and above read portions.
-Family Bible Lesson- devotions? Ergermeir based story and questions? Study bible?  Base on bible portion read.  Include something to study nature.
-Prayer Requests
-Family Bible Lesson Activity.  Include worksheets and activities that help child understand bible study and nature study.
.....other options below
-prayer subject based.
-guided prayer scripted and written
-Psalms and Proverbs Reading
-Listen to 'youurstory hour' 'his kids' 'childrens bible singalong music'
-Prayer subject by date of month or conditions.

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