Thursday, June 23, 2016

Reading Comprehension from the bible

Here is a list of topics to discuss and encourage better reading comprehension among students.

Author's Purpose
Cause and Effect
Classify and Categorize
Compare and Contrast
Drawing Conclusions
Explicit Information
Fact and Opinion
Figurtive Language
Main Idea
Point of View
Pronoun Reference
Vocab in Context

 Use a KJV Holy Bible.  Have the child read the passages.  Use a children's bible story book like Ergermeir to come up with some questions.  Also use a modern day secular reading skills book to help develop questions which apply to the category given and which lead the student to comprehend what he or she is reading.  (Note: secular schools will reference knowledge about buddah and emphasize no importance or great importance.   and other non-biblical themes...this is why we need private or home schools)

Level One: Passages Four to Six verses long,  Five write in answers and five multiple choice or true false answers.  Child recalls information about what was read and then copy-work from what the child understands.  Spend about 30 minutes per day on subject matter.

Level Two: Passages One or Two Chapters long.  Three write in answers and 7 multiple choice or TF answers.  Child recalls information by writing in cursive writing journal 2 to 4 paragraphs in length.  Spend about 1 hour per day on subject matter.  If need practice in writing, spend an additional 30-45 minutes writing practice.

Level Three: Passages up to three chapters long.  Three write in answers with more thought.  10 multiple choice or TF answers.  Reflection papers which are at least 2 notebook pages in length.  Well written expression of understanding.  Spend about 1 hour per day on subject matter.

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