Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Remnant Education: Frugal/free College Level Liberal Arts Bible College

"Kingdom Education How to obtain a successful College Degree in the Liberal Arts with Bible Study emphasis, debt Free! Major in a book of the bible instead of fruitless enterprises! Are you tired of the headlines in today's news, which state that "College Tuition Rate is Increasing," "Christian Students Questioned for Their Faith," “Tax Increases 10 Times, Leaving Widows Homeless to Fund Free College,” and "Massive College Debt Leaves Students Homeless after Graduating"? What about knowing that a terrorist or a politically angry feminist actively obtained a bachelor degree from a Christian University while the poor repentant believer is denied an ability to speak at such a university? These things should not be in existence, as classical literature and history shows us that Christianity is the foundation of western thinking and morality and is the spiritual fruit for Eastern thinking! ...."

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