Thursday, July 6, 2017

Questions about what materials to use for Science topics.

When completing curriculum for education.....should Christians use only "creationist" science materials, should Christians use "big bang/evolution" science materials or should Christians use both?
Answer: USE BOTH if it applies to "laws" and general rules that are proven, like laws of gravity and laws about the speed of light.
Use ONLY creation material if the material presents QUALITY details about animal life and behavior (squirrels are very important in creation.....Darwinism only focuses on a "few" select animals). Use ONLY creation material if it encourages the student to live a clean-pure life rather than haphazard sexual impurity lifestyle. Use ONLY creation material if it encourages proper study in astronomy that shows how the planets move in their timing in accordance to the laws of "GOD".....the pattern of "Seven" and so forth.
Use ONLY "big bang/evolution" science materials if the details presented are TRUE and have better details than creation-based literature. What about that "life" on mars....why would there be water on such a planet? What about the protons-neutrons-electrons in the element of "gold" on the periodic table? How does the Chemistry formula work exactly?

Be sure to focus on "practical science" that the child will use for the rest of his or her life.  Health-care issues, natural medicine, environmental issues, mechanics of different things for agriculture and so forth.

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