Friday, August 4, 2017

Provision when times seem difficult....

If you have food and clothing for your children for the next couple of weeks, you already have a lot on hand.

If you have a shelter to live within, you have a protection from the elements of wind, sun, rain, snow, you are living in wealth.  Some families share a home.  Others live in a camper and children have the ability to spend hours outdoors among birds, animals and fishes.

Do you know that there are wild-foods available in many corners of the world?  Look up the wild-edible foods in your area.  Milk-weed, cattail, bark of trees......

Do you know how to bake your own bread?  Many people dream of getting flour to make a meal for their children.

Do you have a bible in your hand?  The bible will give you advice on how to manage your character so that you can manage a job.  Any job will do.  Janitor.  Waitress.  Cook.  Repair Man. Plumber.  Electrician.  No job is too small.  Think about weaving baskets.  Think about reselling bulk foods.  Think about sewing some clothes.  Think about reselling some recycled material into useful material.  You do not need a "degree" to work.

Can you grow garden?  Perhaps growing some sunflowers could benefit your family.  Nearly the entire sunflower plant is edible.

Is there injustice in your area?  Weep for those who sin in your area.  The false accusers.  The mockers.  The proud......

No money for the laundry?  Try learning how to hand-wash clothes.  It only takes one early morning a week to do laundry for a family of five.  Save money for a wringer.  Hand wring the clothes between rolling pins until affordable.  A simple tote or Tupperware trashcan can wash many clothes with a plunger as well.

Yes, you can educate your own children without a lot in your pocket.  Yes, you can educate your own children

Have you no books to buy to educate your children?  A simple slate and a little reading and reciting can go much further than the finest program on the internet or finest tutor in the world.  A notebook filled with the child's copywork and recitation shows much more effective learning than owning the finest textbooks.

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