Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Topics for High School Level Students

HighSchool Classes Topics (100 topics)
Nature Biblical Overview Daily Success (Character)
Music Art Classic and Expression Character Journal (bible study)
Chemistry Accounting Fathering
Art (Handy Craft Skills) Automotive Mothering
Composition Plants and Horticulture Law Studies section xyz
Reading Traditional Foods Work Ethic
Ettiquette Hymn Studies Prayer Studies
Cooking (Meal Preparations) Detailed Drawing Small Business
Carpentry Home Economics Land Ownership and Building
Mechanics/Electric/Plumbing Orinthology Debt Free Living
Technology Gardening Racial Nationality Tensions
Astronomy Home Upkeep Pilgrim's Progress
Hebrew Advanced Literature Clocks and Electronics
Indigenous Languages Culture xyz (continent) Ancient Time
Latin Religions of the World Reader's Digest
(Spanish option) Voice Singing and Speaking Overcoming Addictions
History Relationships Physical Fitness
Self-Sustainable Frugal Living Maternity Care Hunting and Fishing
Grammar End of Life Care Gathering Wild Foods
Algebra Independent Spirituality Serving Crowds
Advanced Math Journaling Institutional Work Ethic
Family Living Vocabulary Studies Widows and Orphans
Sociology Cleanliness Pen Pal Letters
Psychology Book Overview Home Building
Health Israel and Jewish Culture Genocide Awareness
Health Services Faith Books Clothing and Garment Studies
Herbal Studies Advanced Science Marriage Choices, Preparing and Betrothal
Agriculture Methods and Records Ethics and Morality Slavery Yesterday and Today
Drama Classic Living Biblical Holidays
Speaking Functional Family Born Again?
(one reading, one writing, one math, one faith class each semester)
All of these classes may be enhanced and improved by adding biblical themes to the study.  For example: "Agriculture Methods and Records" becomes the class "Agriculture Methods and Records in Relation to the Book of Ruth" or "Reading" becomes "Reading and Reflection from the Psalms"

Parents: YOU decide what you need your children to learn and not learn.  YOU as a parent know your culture and your need to study specific biblical themes.  If a person is under persecution, then simply study the bible alone and just teach basic life skills.  For those who follow betrothal marriage methods, feel free to allow the child to decide for themselves and in relationship with God to make marriage choices (16-20 age group) while continuing to encourage and enhance studies well into adult years.

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