Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Evaluate the conditions of the future for your child(ren)

Give your child 2 points for each statement that is true for you.  Give your child 4 points for each statement that is true for your child.

Take AWAY "2" points for a parent who aborts or cancels the life of a child for every statement that COULD have been true for the future child to be born if that child could have had a sibling. (This is called taking away from the child's culture and heritage)

A child that will have "success" in this life, is a child that scores high on this "race"

If any of these things are lacking, God does fill in the gaps, if children are given access to Holy Bible.

*two parents
*born with normal hearing eye sight etc
*no trama to your body in the first year of life
*Father was strong proactive figure in your community and home.
*Your mother was healthy and had stable relationship(s).  She was always available at home or easily accessible when she worked (ie. she worked in a small business atmosphere)
*your parents were never outcasted because of healthcare choices for you.
*Your grandparents and other relatives were safely involved in your life.
*Your parents owned a home in a nonviolent neighborhood
*You were never forced to follow a religious plan.  You were given a choice. (child marriage, unstable religious values...)
*You always knew that your next meal would be available.
*Your mother knew how to sew clothes.
*You always had access to newer clothes.
*You were of a racial ancestry, religious/non-religious group, culture heritage etc. that has not had to deal with genocide or trauma in the past 200 years.
*you always had access to internet, cable, cell phones and other comunications.
*You were neve late for extracurricular activities because you had to work or do otherthings at home.  So you ended up with the scholarships.
*Your parents could always pay for their electric bills and other utlility bills.
*Every one around you could read quite well and there was not a lot of difference in language skills.
*you never had to go through cancer or major disability as a child
*your friends were well liked in your school and community.
*you were never labeled as a "Sinner" a "drop out" or "slow" in any way, all the way through college.
*your parents, caregivers and teachers never had issues with anger or depresssion.
*you had access to a school that did not inflict pain upon you if you spoke the truth or asked questions (not forced to attend a school filled with propoganda)

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