Sunday, November 19, 2017

Careers for people with an 8th Grade Education

A person could even go down to a 5th or 4th grade education if they really wanted to go back to traditional ways.

Education can become an "idol" for people and people do not realize it.  When education becomes the idol, then it can turn into a form of oppression towards those who are weak in society (such a case occurs when people criminalize people who set up various roadside stands with no real criminal support and the things are sold without "inspection" or approval).

The beliefs of a person with an 8th grade education MUST contain some sort of "non-resistance" or else they will follow the "worldly" pattern which says to "hate your enemy."

Here is a list of things that a person with an 8th Grade education can accomplish for a career:

1. Bake foods and create foods to sell
2. Raise farm produce
3. Basket weaving
4. Janitor and housecleaning work
5. Wild-foods gathering
6. Simple recipe and remedy book writing (book writing isn't very profitable but it can be a way to make a little extra income)
7. Sewing household items
8. Sewing basic clothing
9. Basic building and construction
10. Truck driving
11. Any type of teenage employment (grocery, restaurant, bank teller etc etc.)
12. Heavy lifting and moving

I do not believe in "avoiding" wisdom or living a foolish life, but the general life can be found by simply doing the basic things for others.  After 8th Grade a person of faith should support "continuing education" in some way or another.

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