Sunday, November 19, 2017

Using the bible helps prevent "burn out"

If you are having a "bad day" in education and you can't seem to find all the paperwork and "power" within or the energy to look up or teach certain facts and figures that are "of this world," do not worry.

The BIBLE alone (KJV works great in English) will help restore such energy when it comes to education.  It contains many truths that will apply to many different subjects in many different ways.

Some families have enough energy and equipment in their own home to read through the bible in a year.  That is wonderful if you are able to do just that.  Others simply have enough time to read through a chapter a week.  That is ok too!

If you are having a bad time dealing with something simply read and ask your child about the passage that you have read.  The child will learn many things by this read and reflect method.

Later, when the children can read and write independently, they may use textbooks to enhance their learning and study independently.

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