Thursday, March 9, 2017

Chore and Life skills

From youngest age 2 to older.  Based off of montessori plans.

pick up
stack books
place dirty clothes in basket
throw away trash
carry (firewood)
fold washclothes
set the table
fetch diapers and wipes
dust baseboards
feed pets
wipe up spills
make bed
straighten bedroom
water plants
sort clean silverware
prepare simple snacks
use vacuum
clear kitchen table
dry and put away dishes
disinfect doorknobs
gather trash
fold towels
dust mop floor
put away dishes
match socks
weed garden
rake leaves
peel potatoes or carrots
make salad
replace toilet paper roll
load dishes
change lightbulbs
wash laundry
hang/fold clothes(8-9)
dust furniture
spray off patio
put away groceries
scramble eggs
bake cookies
walk dogs
wipe off table
(10-11 and up)
clean bathrooms
vacuum rugs
clean countertops
deep clean kitchen
prepare simple meal
mow lawn
bring in mail
do simple mending
sweep out garage
mop floors
change overhead lights
wash/vacuum car
trim hedges
paint walls
shop for groceries w/list
cook complete dinner
bake bread or cake
do simple home repairs
wash windows
iron clothes
watch younger siblings

Montessori Practical Life Activities for 1-5 Years Copyright 2015 © Mama’s Happy Hive

Gross Motor Skills ❏ Roll a Mat and Put it Away ❏ Walk Around the Mat ❏ Carry a Chair ❏ Carry Objects on a Tray ❏ Carry Liquids on a Tray ❏ Walk on the Line ❏ Sit on the Line ❏ Sit/Walk Next to the Line ❏ Stack a Tower with Blocks or Nesting Boxes ❏ Clap Hands to Music ❏ Tap Sticks to Music ❏ Dance without Falling ❏ Outdoor Play – Climbing ❏ Enjoy Daily Walks Care for Self ❏ Feed Self with a Fork, Spoon, & Cup ❏ Use Dressing Frames ❏ Dress Self – Zipper, Shoes, Velcro, Shirt, Pants, Underwear, Jacket ❏ Use Toilet, Wipe, & Flush ❏ Wash Hands, Face, & Body ❏ Brush Teeth ❏ Clean & Clip Nails Life Skills ❏ Insert Batteries into a Flashlight ❏ Match Locks & Keys ❏ Threading & Unthreading Nuts on Bolts ❏ Wooden Hammer & Pegs ❏ Dial 9-1-1, Learn Home Address & Phone Number (3 y/o) ❏ Recycle ❏ Take out the Trash ❏ Hammer Nails (4 y/o) ❏ Pack an Overnight Bag (4 y/o) ❏ Wrap a Present (5 y/o) Kitchen Life Skills & Food Prep ❏ Sort Cutlery ❏ Open and Close Lids ❏ Screw and Unscrew Lids ❏ Sort Beans ❏ Pour Water ❏ Pour Water into a Funnel ❏ Sponge Transfer ❏ Wash Vegetables and Fruit ❏ Wash Dishes ❏ Wash the Table ❏ Peel a Carrot ❏ Peel and Cut a Banana ❏ Cut an Apple ❏ Set a Table ❏ Fold Napkins with Napkin Rings ❏ Pour Grain, Beans, Rice, Salt ❏ Spoon Grain, Beans, Rice, Salt ❏ Slice Eggs ❏ Old-fashioned Egg Beater or Whisk ❏ Pack a Lunch or Snack ❏ Pour Water from a Thermos ❏ Clean a Placemat ❏ Sift Flour ❏ Stir a Mixture ❏ Scoop/Spoon flour, sugar, salt ❏ Cut a Piece of Bread ❏ Use a “real” Knife ❏ Crack Nuts ❏ Butter a Piece of Bread (3.5 y/o) ❏ Make Orange Juice (3.5 y/o) ❏ Help with Simple Cooking ❏ Turkey Baster for Liquid Transfer ❏ Use a Rolling Pin and Cookie Cutters (4 y/o) ❏ Serve Liquid with a Ladle (4 y/o) ❏ Pour Water into a Narrow Neck Bottle (4 y/o) Montessori Practical Life Activities for 1-5 Years Copyright 2015 © Mama’s Happy Hive Care for Clothes ❏ Clip Clothespins ❏ Roll a Pair of Socks ❏ Use Clothes Pegs ❏ Hang Up and Put Clothes Away ❏ Wash Clothes ❏ Hang Jacket on Low Hook ❏ Fold a T-Shirt (3.5 y/o) ❏ Folding Work (Towels) Care for the Environment ❏ Use a Dustpan and Brush ❏ Sweep with a Broom ❏ Wipe up a Spill ❏ Dust ❏ Polish – Wood, Metal, Leather ❏ Plant a Seed ❏ Garden Work ❏ Clean a House Plant ❏ Clean a Window or Mirror ❏ Flower Arranging ❏ Put Materials Away on the Shelf Care for Animals ❏ Feed a Pet ❏ Wash a Pet ❏ Keep a Clean Environment for the Pet ❏ Gentleness for the Pet Manners ❏ Daily Greeting ❏ Draw a Person’s Attention ❏ Say “Please” and “Thank You” ❏ Table Manners ❏ Answer the Telephone ❏ Blow the Nose ❏ Cough and Sneeze Fine Motor Skills ❏ Transfer Activities – Fingers, Tweezers, Tongs, Eyedroppers, Magnets ❏ Q-Tips & Toothpicks Transferring into Corresponding Holes ❏ Stack Coins (4 y/o) ❏ Grate Soap (4 y/o) Art – Fine Motor Work ❏ Wash an Easel ❏ Clean a Vinyl Apron ❏ Sharpen Pencils ❏ Color Salt ❏ Drawing ❏ Sponge Painting ❏ Rubbings ❏ Stickers ❏ Stamping ❏ Modeling with Clay ❏ Unwinding and Winding Yarn ❏ Tearing Tissue Paper ❏ Cutting with Scissors ❏ Gluing ❏ Mix Colored Water (4 y/o) Sewing ❏ Threading Napkin Holders onto a Scarf ❏ Threading Large Beads onto a Straw ❏ Bead Stringing ❏ Sort Buttons by Size/Color ❏ Sequencing ❏ Weave a Ribbon (4y/o) ❏ Lacing ❏ Braiding ❏ Simple Use of Thread and Needle ❏ Sew a Button onto Cloth

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