Thursday, March 16, 2017

Creative Learning Days, Project Learning Ideas

Take a "break" from heavy learning and try these ideas instead towards learning.

1. Write a paragraph or two from a classic writing on a long strip of paper.

2. Interview an elderly person for a day.  Prepare a meal and eat with the elderly person.

3. Recipe day.  Pick an old recipe and try it.  Read all the details in the recipe book about how to prepare this recipe.

4. Draw pictures all day.  Read all day and draw pictures that go with what is being read.

5. Memorization day.  Try to memorize various poems all day.

6. Hymn copywork day.  Copy the notes from a hymn on staff paper.  Play and sing the hymn.

7. Bible verse memorization day.  Select 5-10 verses and repeat and focus on those verses through out the day.  Say each verse at least 10 times in a day.

8. Health Studies Day.  Select a health book and study the ideas in the book all day.  Plan a little menu and meal to make yourself healthier.

9. Nature tracing and drawing day.  Draw things you see in nature all day. Identify the plants and animals.

10. Read all day.  Select books that are not "candy" books, but educational books.  Read all day.

12.  Dress up like characters day.  Make face masks and have fun. (optional if you don't want to do extreme dress up, just simple dress up)

13. Taste foods day.  Try new foods all day.  Sample vegetables, fruits and other fun things.  Look up information about the foods.

14. Fishing day.  Go fishing.  Read a book about fishing.

15. Arts and Crafts day.  Make something crafty from an old milkjug today.

16. Recycle and clean-up day.  Put your cleaning skills to the test.  How fast can the child go?  Check character all day.

17. Tree Studies day.  Study everything about trees.  What types of medicine comes from the different types of trees (willow for example).

18. Calculate what happens in a day.  Do a lot of math problems in a day.  Shopping lists, measuring windows, cooking projects etc.

19. Coordination day.  Become more skilled in something.  Perhaps shooting a ball, arrow or writing practice.  Focus on one skill.

20. Science experiment day.  Plan a day to just do science experiments.

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