Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Create a "camp"

One advantage of home-education is that the parent and the child can create a "mini-camp."

Perhaps a special theme can be discussed for a week or two and other academic tasks can be put aside.

Maybe the lessons could be 1/2 hour long and 5 different skills are learned (like swimming lessons) or maybe a full day may include 5 different lessons that are based off of the theme.

Possible camps could be:
1. Nature camp - learn how to survive in the wilderness and learn how to identify objects in nature
2. Foreign language camp - speak language and learn culture
3. The "how-to" camp - learn many different art, crafting, DIY, music and other simple "skills"
4. Bible camp - one week of specific theme from the bible
5. Music camp - one week of hymns
6. Community camp - Learn how to interview people from the community, take little field trips
7. House-hold skills camp - learn how to clean out the toilet without complaint for a week.
8. Physical fitness and health camp - Set goals, see how strong your muscles can become
9. Cooperation camp - play screen free games with siblings and others that are screen free and require cooperation.
10. Academic theme camp - focus on specific theme....science/math/reading/writing
11. Create a camp idea......child creates a theme......parents come up with ideas.....

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